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              • 幻燈片




              Add:Yanding Industrial Park,

              Linqing City, Shandong Province, China

              ABOUT US

              Liaocheng Huiqiang Bearing Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer who specialized in designing and manufacturing whole series of high quality spherical ball bearing. And it is the biggest manufacturer of whole series of spherical ball bearing for nearly 20 years history in bearing industry.

              Innovation, persistence,preciseness and action are our development idea. Our company has a number of high-end precision spherical ball bearing professional production line and two inspection rooms equipped with a complete imported precision instrument for your different needs. We strictly implemente German TUV ISO9001:2008 management system and use intelligent dimension detection control system to realize product monitoring and tracking. In the past 20 years, we take “Becoming the domestic spherical ball bearing leading brand” as our mission and dedicate to provide premium products for you.

              Main Products and Product Craftwork

              Main Products:spherical ball bearing ( 1#copper retainer, nylon retainer, dual seal),spherical roller bearing (35#, 36#, CA,CC bearing and the 300 series, 400 series). The most competitive product is spherical ball bearing. Nowadays we have the domestic leading assembly line production NC equipment and the NC testing instrument and the green production environment. And our products are characterized as low noise, high precision, long life. And we specialize in manufacturing and designing according to customer’s needs , so we can meet the personalized needs of different customers and produce a lot of quality products in a short time . And our products have been tested by the national authority organization and fully conform to the latest National Standard.

              Marketing Modes

              Our products are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions, and expanded to several cities in China (three northeastern provinces, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces). We have won customers trust from home and abroad with excellent quality, favorable price and perfect service and  enjoy a goodreputation. 

              Customer-oriented marketing strategy

              We can offer you the best service because we have a professional sales and technical support team.


              We can merchandise the guest experience through customer support, manage deployment, professional services, training and certification. And we can help you achieve the maximization technology performance and value and minimize costs and complexity.

              Perspective long-term plan

              Our company will take Yantai as center and constantly strengthen the inherent geographical and resource advantages and  further consolidate communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign first-class enterprises, and gradually close to international quality and surpass the import of similar products. Look back through history or  look to the future, we always adhere to our confidence and love to the bearing business and contribute to the development of China's bearing industry with all the spirit and enthusiasm. Please remember our advantages:(professional focus,sincere supreme,quality product with low price),win-win development and creating the brilliancy together!

              We stick to treat others with benevolence, make friends with benevolence, faith in fame and righteousness.

              The general manager of the company, Chen wenjun with all staff, warmly welcome you to our company's actual investigation!